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Dealing with a dispute is never pleasant, but with the right legal strategy, you can limit the stress, hassle and impact it has on your life and reach a satisfactory resolution quicker.

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When a dispute appears to have no end in site, tensions and stress levels can rise rapidly. At Shams Williams, we’re experts in breaking deadlocks and reaching the right resolution for our clients.

Whatever the reason for your dispute, we understand it is important to you. That is why our solicitors always start by listening to you to understand your situation and what a successful resolution looks like to you. From there, we create a bespoke legal strategy for you that suits your priorities, whether that is size of settlement, speed of resolution or overall cost-effectiveness.

In order to keep your costs of a minimum, we’ll always explore options for settling your dispute out of court. However, should litigation be unavoidable, our solicitors are well-equipped to build a strong case and take it to court on your behalf.

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How We Can Help You

Contract Disputes

A contract is an important tool for ensuring two or more parties understand their roles and responsibilities when agreeing a deal. Ordinarily, contracts are enough to avoid any issues, however, there are times when one party may not hold up their side of the bargain or dispute the terms of a contract.

At Shams Williams Solicitors, we regularly help clients resolve a variety of contract disputes, from disagreements between landlords and tenants to conflict with a service provider.

Boundary Disputes

Our homes are one of the most important elements of our lives, so when a dispute arises about what exactly belongs to you or how a piece of land is used, it is easy for tempers to flare. Disputes about boundaries can be very complex to solve but that does not mean you have to fall out with your neighbours.

Our solicitors can help you reach a resolution that is suitable for all parties and allows your home to return to being a place of comfort and calm.

Professional Negligence

When instructing a service provider such as an accountant or builder, it is fair to expect that the work they provide is of a certain standard. Where that standard falls well below what is reasonable, you may be able to make a claim for professional negligence to recover any damages you’ve incurred.

To do so, your claim will need to demonstrate a number of key elements, namely that the provider had a duty of care to you that was not met. Gathering the correct evidence and building a strong case for professional negligence can be complex, but our team is on hand to make the process as simple as possible.

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