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Power of Attorney is necessary to ensure that your affairs are managed by somebody you trust, in the unfortunate event that you are no longer physically or mentally to look after them yourself – whether that be over a short term period or indefinitely.

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What is Lasting power of attorney

Power of Attorney is the granting of legal authority to a third party to make decisions on the grantors behalf in the event they temporarily or permanently lose mental capacity to make their own decisions or communicate their decisions. Examples of Power of Attorney are where a Living Will is established by a person anticipating terminal illness and Power of Attorney is handed over to a trusted family member. A further example is where an individual is receiving treatment in hospital for a prolonged period of time.

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Lasting power of attorney

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Definition of mental capacity

A person lacks mental capacity where they cannot understand the decision they are making or the implications of it. Where Power of Attorney is concerned, these most commonly concern finances and healthcare decisions. Depending on whether or not mental capacity is temporary or permanent determines whether ordinary Power of Attorney or Lasting Power of Attorney (LPA) is needed.
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