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Whether your business is brand new, well-established or restructuring, Shams Williams Solicitors can help ensure the legal rights of your employees are protected, creating a more motivated workforce.

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At the heart of every business is its employees, so it is important to ensure their rights and yours are being respected. At Shams Williams, we can help you stay aware of all your legal responsibilities as an employer and advise you on how to create a more motivated and productive workforce.

Alongside ensuring your business is adhering to employment law, our solicitors are best placed to support you on day-to-day matters, such as managing contracts and mitigating HR issues. Having strong company contracts and procedures in place early can drastically reduce the risk of employment issues in the future. However, in the event that a dispute or other employment issue threatens your business, we’re here for you to turn to.

With ever-changing laws, keeping up with your responsibilities as an employer can feel like an impossible task. We’re here to make employment law straightforward, saving you time, money and trouble.

Our Services

  • HR & Employee Management
  • TUPE Business Transfers
  • Employment Tribunal Representation
  • Employee Exits
  • Disciplinaries
  • Redundancy
  • Contracts of Employment, Policies & Procedures
  • Grievance Procedures & Advice
  • Settlement Agreements & Termination Packages
  • Protected Conversations
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How We Can Help You

Establishing and Maintaining Strong Practices

Many of the employment issues your business may face can be minimised by establishing strong company practices early and maintaining them. This starts with having comprehensive employee contracts that you review regularly, but also extends to other key documents, such as your employee handbook.

For businesses that are restructuring, Shams Williams can help you update your company policies and ensure your employees continue to enjoy their legal rights.

Removing Employees

In some cases, it may be necessary for your business to remove employees, whether through dismissal or redundancy. In these instances, it is essential that you follow the correct legal steps and your own company procedures.

If you don’t, you may leave your business open an employment tribunal claim, which can cost you significant time and money. Our solicitors can advise you on the best way to remove employees legally, so your business is not at risk.

Protecting Your Business

Where an employment issue does arise and your business is at risk, our team is on hand to help you resolve any dispute in the right way for you. If a resolution cannot be reached amicably, our litigation solicitors are highly experienced in successfully defending employers in court, while also taking all possible steps to minimise reputational damage.

In these events, acting quickly is essential, so if your business is under threat, get in touch with our time to book a free initial consultation.

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