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Whether your business is brand new, well-established or restructuring, Shams Williams Solicitors can help ensure the legal rights of your employees are protected, creating a more motivated workforce.
Employment solicitors

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Legal Practices area

HR & Employee management

Business owners and managers can find themselves having precious management time and business disrupted by Employment Law & HR matters,

TUPE Business transfers

This is where a business or part of a business moves from one employer to another

Employment Tribunal Representation

Employment tribunals are used for employment law disputes that cannot be resolved in any other way

Employee Exits

Exit process consists of the policies and procedures (exit formalities) that are followed when an organization is offboarding an employee.


Formal disciplinary action against you if they have concerns about your work, conduct or others


We can advise on the legitimacy of any redundancy situation or redundancy process

Contracts of Employment

Expert legal advice on the terms of employment contracts

Policies & Procedures

Employment policies are essential for any serious business you must have written grievance and disciplinary rules and procedures

Grievance Procedures & Advice

Formal way for an employee to raise a problem or complaint to their employer.

Settlement Agreements

Voluntary agreements that may help you to amicably exit a business or resolve a dispute

Termination Packages

Is pay and benefits that employees may be entitled to receive when they leave employment at a company unwillfully.

Protected Conversations

Allows employers to have an 'off the record' chat and discuss issues that they may have with emoployee performance or other aspects of their work

What our employment solicitors do?

Alongside ensuring your business is adhering to employment law, our solicitors are best placed to support you on day-to-day matters, such as managing contracts and mitigating HR issues. Having strong company contracts and procedures in place early can drastically reduce the risk of employment issues in the future. However, in the event that a dispute or other employment issue threatens your business, we’re here for you to turn to.
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Employment law

If you care about your employment issues to be dealt quickly and in a professional manner, look no further.

Establishing and Maintaining Strong Practices

Many of the employment issues your business may face can be minimised by establishing strong company practices early and maintaining them. This starts with having comprehensive employee contracts that you review regularly, but also extends to other key documents, such as your employee handbook.

For businesses that are restructuring, Shams Williams can help you update your company policies and ensure your employees continue to enjoy their legal rights.

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