Employment law solicitors

If you’ve been unfairly treated, dismissed, selected for redundancy or forced out by your employer, our team of employment law solicitors in Birmingham can help you make a claim for compensation.
Employment law solicitors

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Legal Practices area

Unfair Dismissal

Employer has breached an employee's contract

Constructive Dismissal

When an employee resigns as a result of the employer creating a hostile work environment

Bullying and Harassment at Work

Bullied At Work, Being Victimised, Failing To Find The Support You Need

Terms and Conditions of your Contract

Making sure every point makes sense for your best interest

The Equality Act

The Equality Act is a law which protects you from discrimination


Making sure you are treated fairly

Negotiation and advising on Settlement Agreements

Negotiating a settlement agreement can be a daunting prospect we always get the best outcome for you

What employment solicitors do?

While successfully challenging your employer may seem like an impossible task, our solicitors are here to make the entire process easier, from negotiating compensation on your behalf to submitting your application to the Employment Tribunal. The average person spends over 90,000 hours at work in their lifetime, so if your employment rights aren’t being respected, we can help you take action quickly.

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Employment Law

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Our professional approach to employment law

Under employment law, we are all afforded fundamental rights that need to be adhered to in the workplace. Most notably, you cannot be unfairly dismissed, unfairly selected for redundancy, or forced out of your job by your employer. If you have been, you may have a claim for compensation that we can help you pursue. Likewise, if you are still employed but continue to have problems at work, our team can help you understand the best course of action to raise a formal grievance. Where this is unsuccessful, we can provide straightforward advice on further legal options.
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