Commercial property solicitors

Whether you’re an owner or tenant, dealing with commercial property requires specialist legal expertise. At Shams Williams, we pride ourselves on providing straightforward, commercial advice that you and your business can rely on.
Commercial property solicitors

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Legal Practices area

Collateral Warranties

Contracts under which a professional consultant warrants to a third party that it has complied with its professional appointment, building contract or sub-contract.

Compulsory Land Purchase

The power to acquire rights over an estate in English land law, or to buy that estate outright, without the current owner's consen

Corporate Property Finance

Property aspects of corporate funding arrangements; ownership and funding

Disputes and Property Litigation

Disputes relating to property of any type or quality

Estate Development & Plot Sales

We advise developers throughout the sale process from inception to completion

Lease Drafting

Arrangement between two parties with respect to rights of possession over some property for a specific time period and consideration

Lease Renewal

Rights and obligation between the contracting parties

Planning Law

Enactment for the time being in force relating to the use development and occupation of land and buildings

Property Development

Covering all the issues arising from property development work and will guide lawyers, developers and landowners through the many pitfalls commonly encountered in practice

Sale and Leaseback

Finance-driven transaction that involves the sale by a company of its property to a third-party investor who leases it back to the company for a term at an agreed rent.

Sales & Purchases

legally binding contract outlining the agreed upon conditions of the buyer and seller of a property

Secured Lending

Form of finance where you use an asset, such as property or a car, as security for the loan

What our commercial property solicitors do?

After more than 20 years of combined experience  dealing with commercial property, our solicitors understand the time and stress that can be involved. That’s why we manage every step for you, including negotiating transaction terms, conducting searches on the property, buyer or seller, and drafting purchase, sale and lease documentation. At the same time, we’ll take the time to understand your business’s fundamental goals and aspirations to ensure every piece of advice we provide is furthering your commercial success.

Commercial property lawyer

Changese Khan

Commercial property law

If you care about your commercial property issues to be dealt quickly and in a professional manner, look no further.

Covering every aspects of property law

Commercial property is often one of a business’s largest financial liabilities. Therefore, when dealing with the sale, purchase or leasing of property as an owner, tenant, investor or developer, it is essential to protect yourself by seeking expert legal advice.

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